Chapter Three
curated by Maarten Spruyt

News published January 17th 2020

With CHAPTER 3HREE, Het HEM will offer an insight into Maarten Spruyt's thoughts

Spruyt is a stylist and art director with a unique talent for creating atmospheres. After several commissions for exhibitions at various museums and institutions in the Nether-lands, he now receives carte blanche in Het HEM.

The group exhibition with more than 20 works of art takes the impressive architecture of Het HEM as a starting point for an experiential programme and challenges visitors to appeal to their capacity for introspection. Largely installed in the 200-metre long underground shooting range of Het HEM, we present a literal experience of a tunnel vision, which may seem endless and hopeless at first, but gradually becomes more and more pleasant.

Dolron takes part in the group exhibition with a recent video work Uncertain, TX. 

In Uncertain,TX (2016) the viewer’s eye slowly moves across a morass of secular cypress  trees, swathed in Spanish moss, immersed into water. On the water surface, a foreign weed is rampant and disturbing the local ecosystem. 

The succession of images in loop and the suffocating sound of the audio of the film accentuate the impression of continuous deterioration of the forest.

The title of the work is taken from the name of the town in Texas where Dolron stayed during the production. It also refers to the future of the trees and, in a broader sense, to the fragility of life in general.