A new masterpiece in a flash

News published November 14th 2023

Millions of pairs of eyes have admired the paintings in the Mauritshuis over the past 200 years. The masterpieces on our walls evoke different feelings in everyone. So what happens when the new masters of today pick up where the old masters left off? Discover the answer in FLASH | BACK. Sixteen top photographers – among them Erwin Olaf, Rineke Dijkstra, Anton Corbijn and Sanja Marušić – have produced new work inspired by the seventeenth-century paintings in our collection.

The result is sixteen new masterpieces, one for each room in the Mauritshuis. They are currently on show there, hanging, standing or lying among the seventeenth-century artworks that inspired them. Once you’ve seen these new masters, you’ll never look at Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen in the same way again.