HE.RO and Westerpark
Desiree Dolron - Peter Schuyff

News published April 13th 2019

In their first collaboration HE.RO and Westergasfabriek present recent work by 
Desiree Dolron and Peter Schuyff. 

Desiree Dolron presents work from her ongoing body of film and photographic work, MONARCH. The series is, in her words, a meditation on “the relationship between our planet’s fragile ecosystem and one of the greatest issues of our time; the human migration flows that are manifesting and growing all across the world”. 
The immediate subject of Dolron’s images is the North American Monarch butterfly and its extraordinary migration pattern. Every year Monarch butterflies undertake a multi-generational journey from southern Canada and the northern United States down to Mexico and back again. It is one of the most spectacular migrations in the natural world, but one, like so many, threatened by human activity, in this case by extensive habitat destruction along the migration route.

Employing an exquisite economy of expression, Dolron employs this fragile subject as a symbol for contemplation of the wider themes of human, scarcity and environmental degradation, imagined on the grandest of scales. They are images, that are, in the midst of their natural beauty, urgent and foreboding.